Modern Idiocy

observations on life in the modern era

About Me

Modern Idiocy is a personal blog providing commentary on many of the topics that I find  Idiotic about living in a “Modern” society. I’m hoping that through electronic venting, I will experience some mild level of catharsis. My goal is to use this blog as a platform to add voice to a wide range of topics from humorous observations of daily life, to maddeningly frustrating issues that many of us face every day.

Ironically, I’ve found the internet and this blog to be the vehicle of communication for these musings. Indeed, there is a whole blog category covering the evils and idiocy of the technology that surrounds us and is enveloping our lives.

Some of the posts will be funny (hopefully), some politically incorrect (no apologies), and you’ll find visceral diatribes on unpopular subjects as well. Fundamentally, these are my thoughts and opinions that some will agree with, others will not.



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