Over the years I have marveled at the political process in the United States. Despite it’s challenges and flaws, it is still the best example of a sound representative democracy in the world. Do we need to make improvements? Sure we do, and we will. My first real exposure to “real” republicans was in college. I went to a small mid-western liberal arts college associated with the Lutheran Church. It was a wonderful experience and for the first time I was exposed to people who had starkly contrasting World views from my own. If I were to boil down the single most prevalent trait that was shared by most of these young Republicans, it was there complete disdain with having to pay taxes, any taxes. It was amazing to me, coming from a more “liberal” area of the Eastern U.S., how vehemently these students detested the concept of “their money being taken, and handed out” to “drug addicts and lazy bums.” I was amazed at how they envisioned a country where those that had means, had means, and they took care of themselves, and those that had no means, simply had no means. They felt strongly that was how it was supposed to be, that  there had always been poverty and ignorance and there would always be poverty and ignorance. Even then, in the late 1980’s I was amazed at the hypocrisy of promoting a world view in which those with means, had no responsibility to at least be concerned with the well being of others.

The issue of conservative hypocrisy became painfully highlighted during the 2016 Presidential campaign. The GOP and in particular, vocal supporters of Donald Trump, have devolved into a state of hypocrisy that is remarkable. There are countless examples of this blind hypocrisy everywhere.

  1. Anti-globalization, but contempt for allied countries that criticize our policies
  2. Pro-life support, until birth, then it’s “oh well, life’s tough, get a helmet”
  3. Tough on law enforcement, unless it’s laws pertaining to financial misdeeds, fraud, discrimination, or hate crimes.
  4. Enthusiastic support for “States Rights”, when every sane person aware of the phrase  knows full well that it means “leave us alone and let us discriminate and disenfranchise how we please” They want to dismantle the Federal Government and essentially divide the country just as in the Civil War, but claim to be patriots.
  5. The supporters claim to be “American” and that they support “American Values”, unless those values are extended to people who are different from them either by race, religion, creed, national origin etc. So it’s a selective support.
  6. They decry and constantly work to limit the portions of the constitution that support Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Separation of Church and State. But the Right to Bear Arms is sacrosanct? How can one support the Constitution, but only the parts that suit oneself?
  7. The current Congress and Administration is constantly berating the non-GOP party members for not “supporting” the President, for obstructing and battling over appointments and executive orders. Did the GOP not just spend 8 years fighting tooth and nail every action, every word, every appointment of the previous president? What did they expect?
  8. Supporters that want to “drain the swamp” and “inject new ideas” and have leadership that’s “in touch with the people”. But then they support and elect a man whose wealth was built solely by manipulation, speculation, and taking advantage of those very people he claims to support. A candidate whose close business associates and key appointees are mostly millionaires and billionaires and could not be farther from the common man in anyone’s wildest dreams.

There are so many more examples that I could recount, but I feel the point has been made. In contrast I rarely see the non-GOP parties following a pattern of blatant hypocrisy. In no way do I propose that the other parties are angelic and without flaws, far from it. But their faults are usually more self-destructive rather than harmful to others. I’ve also noticed that I never, ever hear someone from the “conservative” camp admitting to fault, criticize a faulty plan, self-reflect or speak of how they might have done something different/better/more fairly. It must be a key character trait of the conservative human to be unrepentant in their bullheadedness and stubbornness. Those same groups tout the importance of personal responsibility, ethics and “old school” values. Interesting.

When confronted with hard, irrefutable evidence that clearly, to any reasonable person, breaks down one of these hypocritical positions, the most common reaction is either blind denial or combative confrontation. It is clear, now that the new President is in office, that the pattern of deceit, “alternative facts” which is simply another word for lies and propaganda, will continue to pull the wool over his supporters eyes.